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Welcome to Tuczno. Our town and its surroundings offer a superior environment for holiday-making. We boast our clean lakes and forests, magnificent countryside, peace and quiet.

Tuczno is a town situated in Waleckie Lakeland, in a hilly landscape by the sides of three lakes: Tuczno, Zamkowe and Liptowskie.

The municipality covers an area of 249.9 square kilometres, thereof the town 9.82 square kilometres. Its population numbers 5.3 80 thereof 2.070 living in the town.

The municipality is of an agricultural character, which fact is evidenced by its land structure: woodlands - 11,066 ha, lakes - 280 ha, rivers - 983 ha, agricultural land - 10,708 ha, other areas - 1,971 ha.

Within the territory of the municipality are situated two of the twenty-one reserves lying within the bounds of the Drawieński National Park.

One of the architectonic buildings is the Gothic-Renaissance castle of the Wedel Tuczyński family (ul. Zamkowa).

The Parish Church of Assumption of BMV is also worth seeing. It is situated in northwestern part of the town.

Local residents as well as tourists can receive medical treatment at the Family Doctors Centre and the dental and ginocological surgery, which has place at Gdańska str. 3 in Tuczno. The nearest ambulance service is in Walcz. An anti-tuberculosis sanatorium in Tuczno is positioned amidst woods, by the side of Zamkowe Lake. It has departments dealing with tuberculosis, lungs diseases, tumours.

There are three primary schools in the area of the municipality of Tuczno thereof one primary school and a gymnasium in the town.

Our municipality has a sewage system done in 70% and the water-supply service done in 100%.

There are also tourst trails in the area of Tuczno: the red trail running along the main line of Wal Pomorski, i.e. Nakielno-Zdbowo-Tuczno, the length of which amounting to 15 km and the Tuczno- Martew-Czlopa, 19 kin; green trail: TucznoMartew-Czlopa-Zelichowo, 32 km.

Within the territory of the town and the municipality of Tuczno there are tourist and recreational facilities. In the town: the hotel "Dobrawa", "SARP"- in the castle, "O~rodek Le~ny" Malgorzata Romejko-Bydgoszcz, "Tourist and Recreational Centre" owned by UAM Poznań, "Biesiada" Wójcik and Mazur-Dq~browa Górnicza. There are many places by the sides of the lakes to pitch a tent. You can try horse-riding at the ~Landau" boarding-house in Nowa Studnica.
It is the angling, conferences, symposia, hunting, mushrooming, sight-seeing objects of historic interest, sport and recreation that make Tuczno and around a splendid holiday resort.

I hope the visit will give you only delighfful impressions.We are interested in any kind of partnership.

Best regards
The Town and the Municipality Mayoress
Krzysztof Hara
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